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A new updates blog

Well, as you may have noticed, or not, the Update Blog is now hosted here. I found it cumbersome to use my old built-in CMS for Sublime Ads β€” yes, I built a tiny CMS into it β€” and I thought now would be a good time to move it over to Scribbles. And if you're wondering... yes, I built it. It's been here for a few weeks already and I am happy with the result. It also means better quality post content with images, videos and even code snippets as and when I release new stuff for Sublime Ads...

Better trials

Today we changed the length of a trial, which went from 14 days to 30 days, and today to 42 days. It's always difficult to gauge the work needed to implement ads into your own apps or sites. Whilst 30 days is a "standard" offering, I didn't feel it was enough. So 42 it is, because it's the answer to a lot of things. I hope this gives you plenty of time and opportunity to get started. In addition, all new trials now come with all features unlocked. No more "limited" trial. Everything is enabled. ✌️❀️

Portal customisation (globally)

Recently we added a new feature allowing you to change what appears on client portals, including simple payment links. You can add/change: β€’ Portal title β€’ Add some welcome text β€’ Add a payment link (for example Stripe payment links) β€’ Logo (that appears instead of our logo). Check out the documentation for more info: Update: You can also override these on a portal by portal basis.

Default Image Resize Options

Today I added settings that allow you define your default image resize options. When calling the API, your images are automatically resized to 500 pixels wide with a quality setting of 95 (100 being the highest), without the need for you pass in extra parameters as per image resize options. This is done to preserve some bandwidth and make sure you're not sending huge images. You can override these default settings on your settings page, to fine tune it to your needs for your app – removing the need to add extra parameters when calling the API. Useful when you...

Edge API deprecation

With Sublime Ads offering an on "edge" API for simple category embeds for some time, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't meet my quality standards and not something I want to support in future. That being said, I'll make sure to make existing integrations work as they should without you having to change anything in your apps or code. I'm also making changes to the way image URL's are being handled, and will now support normal URLs, with image resizing options (as was the case), and no longer come from the special CDN endpoint – although they...

Introducing Client Portals

Another day, another week, another month... another new feature. I am happy to announce the availability of client portals for your clients. A client portal allows you to share a public page with your client, via a unique URL, allowing you to share real-time stats. Portals are unique to the client and can be enabled, or disabled, at any time and are optional. On top of stats, they’ll also be able to see the status of their ads, for example if they are active, inactive, or expired (if they have a schedule). As with the Client feature, portals are for...

Introducing Clients

Ah yes, it's been so long since I shipped anything new. Well, no more. I pulled my arm out! Now you can add Clients and link them to your ads. This helps you get an overview how well everything is going and provide statistics if so required. This is just the tip of the iceberg, without the drama though. No sinking ships either. Having clients linked to ads opens up future possibilities that are not yet implement, for example balances and public stat pages. These are not ready yet, but just wanted to wet your appetite of the ideas floating...

Pricing updates

We've updated our pricing plans for Sublime Ads to accommodate more developers with varying budgets and to further make sure we stay on mission. With prices being increased everywhere, we decided to go and do the opposite. All our pricing plans have been reduced by $5 per month (except the yearly) and are effective immediately. This better reflects our values of where we want to go in the future. It's a balance of providing a great product and also making sure more developers can make use of Sublime Ads. Our pricing plans now are the following: β€’ PRO 100k/month API...

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