Sublime Ads Updates
December 20th, 2022

Edge API deprecation

With Sublime Ads offering an on "edge" API for simple category embeds for some time, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't meet my quality standards and not something I want to support in future.

That being said, I'll make sure to make existing integrations work as they should without you having to change anything in your apps or code.

I'm also making changes to the way image URL's are being handled, and will now support normal URLs, with image resizing options (as was the case), and no longer come from the special CDN endpoint – although they are still being served via a CDN (Cloudflare).

I'll update you here with a new post once the work is complete. Note that the direct API will continue to function as normal and should be you first point of getting to your data (with an API key).